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Just another manic Monday

Run this morning felt really good.  It was chilly and a bit misty, but at least it wasn't a full-on shower.  Went out a bit earlier than I've been going, and that seems to be the perfect time - still enough people out that I don't feel isolated, but less than a bit later when you really have to be aware of cyclists and other runners on the path.  The training program I'm doing seems to be good for me.  I just finished week one and felt really comfortable with the run, even if it was windy and I was running against the wind for most of the time.  Looking forward to seeing how I do on week 2. 

In other awesome news, Jamie is in town!  So excited to see him again!  It has been far too long.  I love it when I get to see my boys together.  My only worry is that I will start to get tired very early.  It was one thing to stay up late in college when I had plenty of nap-time.  But being a morning person is not conducive to staying up late when there's that whole work thing in between the waking up and the staying out.  Oh well, I'll just force myself to stay awake.  :)
After an incredibly relaxing morning and most of an afternoon of doing absolutely, delightfully nothing, I went for a long walk along the river today.  Followed the river walk all the way down to the Queensborough Bridge.  Lovely, lovely walk.  Then again, any walk along a river tends to be lovely for me.  I'm a river-type of person.  Something to do with growing up where the Mississippi and Missouri converge.  I've spent most of my adult life walking along the major rivers in the cities I've lived in.  There's something about flowing water that calms and energizes me. 

Planning on enjoying a quiet evening with me, myself, and I.  I've been so busy these past few weeks that I haven't had much time to myself, except during my morning runs.  I think some pampering is in order.
Really interesting article from Time on the 50th anniversary of the Pill.  Can I just say once again how much I love Gloria Steinem? 

Knowledge is Potential Power

I've been running again, lately.  It's been nice.  Last week I only got in two runs before the shin splints started trying to kill me.  So, I took the weekend off, which was fine by me since I was in DC with my lovelies.  Decided this morning to start using the "Couch to 5k" podcasts again.  Felt totally awesome.  It can be so hard to get up for it, but it's always so worth it.

Just spent part of the day researching at the Met.  I love libraries.  But I really, really love libraries within museums.  I am such a nerd.


Hello Insomnia, my old friend

It's 5:22. Usually I start waking up right around now.  Instead, I have been awake since 1 am.  Not even remotely tired (just exhausted) and none of my usual tricks are working to get me back to sleep.  Debating the merits of working from home versus going into the office just to exhaust myself further and possibly be able to sleep through the night.   

Saturday night was the only night I've slept through in a week.  This shit has got to stop. 


Going Home

Heading down to DC today!  Wohoo!  Going home for a long weekend!  When my coworker asked me where I was going this weekend I literally did say, "oh, i'm going home to DC for a book launch."  Freudian slip much?  

But very excited about it all.  Kimberly's book launch is tonight which will be fabulous and fun and I will finally get to meet Kimberly in person. 

AND I get to see all my girls - gtown girls and 1412 girls (who are technically gtown girls with another layer of roommates added on) and a gazelle (who is also technically a gtown girl with an added layer) , and a high school girl who has known me entirely too long. :)  Plus, it's stillesprite 's birthday!  Yay! *flails*

It's going to be weird to be in DC and not see Jamie, though.  Oh well, I'll just have to visit him in Mexico.  

And then it's back to the City on Sunday morning to crash for a bit before people come over for the Super Bowl. Go Colts!

The happy side of Anemia

I felt really ill this morning and couldn't figure out why.  I fell asleep on the couch while watching Morning Joe and went back to my bed after the show was over (at 9 am) and slept for another 3 hours (this is unheard of for me who sits bolt-upright at 6 am and is happily awake).  Later on, my mom called and I was talking with her about my symptoms.  I realized I hadn't eaten red meat in a really long time (and last week was my period) so I was probably slightly iron deficient/anemic.  My mom remembered that I used to get like this in high school when I was training for rowing and eating only chicken and veggies.  I'm kind of glad I forgot what this felt like.  Anyway, my mom was telling me to order the biggest hamburger or steak I could find and put it on her credit card so that I feel better for my trip to DC on Thursday.  We ended our conversation with this:

Go eat some red meat and drink a heavy beer!  Auchtung!
Schnell!  Schnell!

Ich liebe meine Mutter!

Feeling Groovy

Went to a 6am vinyasa class with a teacher I haven't tried yet - I feel AMAZING.  So much better than I feel after afternoon/evening classes.  So, this is apparently my new thing.  The 6-7 am class.  LOVE IT.  I'm awake anyway, so why not go?

I will probably crash today around 3 pm when I need to head to the studio to do my shift, but whatever.  I feel amazing right now.

Now watching Morning Joe, drinking Morning Joe coffee out of my Morning Joe mug and coming to terms with the fact that MSNBC and Joe Scarborough own my soul.  Occasionally I freak out about this, but whatever.  It's a damn good show.  They have amazing guests.  They show all sides of the issues and normally all the hosts kind of walk the middle line (sometimes swinging a bit left, but eh, whatever).  It's the only political talk show I can watch anymore without getting into a rage.
Went to 3pm class.  Good choice.  LOVED the instructor.  Plus, I'd have passed out long before the 7:30 class if I had kept sitting around here.  Hard to get backing into flow after so many weeks away and I will be sore tomorrow, but well worth it.  Plus, it was nice seeing Ryan again - I'd missed chatting with him.  I always amaze myself when I realize I do occasionally like people. :) 

Now debating whether or not to make rogan josh tonight.  Probably won't b/c I forgot to defrost the lamb.  My freezer is nicely stocked with meals ready to go, but I was thinking of doing something different.  Maybe I'll just throw some leftover things in my fridge into a quiche.  Mmmm, quiche.


Veeeerrrrrry tired.  Don't know if it's the decongestants or if I'm really just that tired.  Contemplating merits of 3pm yoga class vs. 7:35 yoga class.  Sleep now or sleep later?

Still, feeling much better today than I have in a long while.  Which is amazing. 

Have been watching True Blood lately.  I love the "southern accents" put on by the Englishman, the Aussie, and the Kiwi.  Quite amusing.  Then there's all the eye candy.  Mmmmmmm...

 Heading down to DC for Kimberly's book launch (and yumiklone's bday, obvi).  Exciting!


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