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Year In Review

It's been a pretty amazing year. So much change, so much fun, so many friends

Started off the new year with good friends at Blueberry Hill.  Usual winter hijinks in St. Louis.  Looked for jobs.

Visited my friends in DC.  Asylum and quiz nights.  Bad movies and bad television with Wills.  Taking Dylan for walks and drinking too much with my mates (some things never change).  Looked for jobs.

Started reading my favorite manga again and felt like a 15 year old boy. Started running.  Played with my dog a lot. Planned trips with my mama.  Looked for jobs.

Spent a lovely week in Venice with Mommy.  Piazzas and museums and gelatto at sunset.  Pictures of Jean-Luc and Visitations and mini bottles of Prosecco.  Spritzes and leather stores and wandering until we got lost.  Then on to London to meet up with Daddy and my friends from grad school so we could all officially become Masters.  Graduation in ridiculous gowns with lobster claws and pink high heels.  Dinner with Brenda and coffee with Mel and little Miss Georgie.  Thai River and The Chesire Cheese with the girls.  Museums and laughter with my parents.

Time with my St. Louis girls.  Wineries for Tina's birthday.  Nights out and evenings in.  Then that experiment with growing herbs that gave me plenty of yumminess for the summer.  Looked for jobs.

Managed to make it to a quarter of a century mostly unscathed.  Spent a weekend in Boston with some of the gazelles to welcome Cott back to the US with plenty of Sam Adams and seafood feasts.  Two of my boys (Chintan and Drew) visited St. Louis to celebrate with me and discovered the hilarity that ensues when you give my great aunts too many margaritas. Worked hard at the family business and played hard too.  Looked for jobs.

Tried to organize my life.  Planned epic trips.  Listened to many podcasts at the office.  Looked for jobs.

August Epic trip began.  New York for a week of networking and friends.  DC for a week of networking and friends.  Then drive up to the Cape for Maya's wedding with Wills and Ruth.  Amazing drive with a stop over at Uncle John and Aunt Susan's awesome farm for the night.  Beautiful wedding for our beautiful friend.  And then a fun reception followed by a party on the beach - with us making fools of ourselves as usual.  The diner breakfast the next morning was needed and enjoyed as well.  Then a drive to Boston to drop off Ruth and grab lunch before Willa and I set off on our epic drive all the way to Chicago (including getting caught in a horrible storm in the middle of nowhere during road construction).  We made it to Chicago in more than enough time to meet up with Dea and Kate and Jamie to thank him profusely for finding us an amazing hotel to stay in for the night.  One night in the Second City followed by a drive up to Deer Lake, MN (a drive in which Willa and I got to actually take breaks and enjoy the view).  And then an amazing week at the lake, as always, filled with new and old friends and people I consider family.  The perfect month to finish off a chapter of my life.

September Finalized the job offer I'd been given while in New York.  Started looking for a place to live and packing and buying stuff for a new life.  Mama got sick and I had to take her to the hospital.  It's no fun being worried about your mom while trying to get ready for a move.  But she got better and was home to see me off to start anew.  "To make an end is to make a beginning", afterall.  "The end is where we start from".  Lovely Cecily let me stay with her while waiting to move in to my new place.  Started my job.  Started writing again - not only for my job but for me. 

Moved into my apartment with my lovely roomie.  Mom and Dad drove all the way up here with Dad's car packed to the gills with my things.  They're angels.  Started to make the apartment a home.  A haven.  Reconnected with old friends.  Wrote more and more. Started to crochet my heart out.  Started working at the yoga studio and taking classes instead of just doing it on my own.

Enjoyed the city.  Enjoyed my life.  Went to see Talk Like Singing and loved it.  Mom and Dad came for Thanksgiving and we had a feast for all those who couldn't go to their homes.  Then lots of adventures in the city with the parents - holiday markets and Carrie Fisher's show.  Didn't even bother to try to finish NaNoWriMo because I was so busy crocheting things for Christmas presents.

Decorated my place for Christmas.  Baked a lot.  Enjoyed the city some more.  Enjoyed my life some more.  Wrote some more.  Found out I'm going to be a guest blogger in 2010 for Tranquility du Jour.  Made a lot of hot chocolate.  Had so much fun with friends.  Strolled.  Smiled.  Crocheted.  Listened to many podcasts on commutes.  Enjoyed being me.  And now I'm getting ready to return to my family for a bit.  Getting ready to be babied and be the baby. 

And the new year holds new adventures yet unknown.  But again, "to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from". 


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